Why Kendrick Lamar makes me believe in Hip Hop.

I’ve been into Hip Hop since I can remember saying my ABC’s but lately I find that my interest in it and it’s new artists tends to be superficial. Nowadays I’ll like a song purely for the fact that it’s fun to dance to when I’m out with friends or that it’s been tiredly played over and over all over that i can;t help but be hypnotized at some point; were you in love with the coco this summer? However since finding Kendrick Lamar I’m reminded that Hip Hop can have more purpose then “turning up” but it can tell a message, soothe pain and explain perfectly the troubles of an entire race.

That’s what I get when I listen to Kendrick Lamar, he makes me feel proud instantly to be black but also remember the struggle that was gone through just for me to be allowed inside a Starbucks without segregation so I can buy my overpriced soy chai latte just by listening to Alright, a track on his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly.  As a young black women in America his music humbles me, something that in this age amongst the young black community is needed often. Don’t get me wrong, he can definitely have me turn up in a quick second with tracks like King Kunta or the reason I may be drinking Sprite again I. 


He tells stories that hundreds of us can rate to and for those who can’t he makes them understand what is going on all through a verse. It’s truly magical, and inspiring. If you’re still struggling to find your love for Hip Hop again look no further then Kendrick Lamar to help you find it again. Rappers like Drake are cool but when you remove the ego, and auto tune it’s not hip hop its emo rap which I enjoy on occasion don’t get me wrong but when I’m really trying to level out and vibe I listen to Kendrick Lamar, you probably should check out These Walls on To Pimp A Butterfly  to see what I’m talking about.


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