Glenn Frey, always my New Kid in Town.

The legendary Eagle’s guitarist Glenn Frey has passed away at age 67. Multi talented and a versatile member of the group originally from Detroit, MI who was capable of writing some of the best songs in the Eagle’s discography as well as playing the piano, keyboard, acoustic, rhythm, electric and slide guitar; he was truly a wonder.

His death also acts as a reminder of an end of an era where songs like Take it Easy and Hotel California were the theme song of a generation that spoke of their times, now those times are different and some of them unrecognizable, un-navigable. It reminds them that their youth is gone and time is fleeting. But it’s not all bad; it can also act as a reminder of all that has happened.


A lot has happened in the sixty seven years of Glenn Frey’s life, Civil rights movement, Rock and Roll, Motown, Oprah to name a few. So even though it’s definitely a time to be sad, I look at it as a time to be grateful for time and people like Glenn Frey who made it more enjoyable to watch it pass by.


As I listen to the Eagles hit song New Kid in Town in the background as I write this I eerily hear Glenn Frey singing, “You’re walking away and they’re talking behind you, they will never forget you ’til somebody new comes along”.


I can’t help but think, the death of Glenn Frey is him in my mind walking away and yes we are all talking behind/about you Glen but we wont forget you even when someone new comes along, because you made time worth while with your talented soul and for that we’re never forget you, thanks for everything.





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