Bernie and Hillary, Which do I love more?

I’ve never had much of a problem choosing a candidate during presidential elections; it’s usually easy to choose after reading their policies and views on social issues. Being liberal makes that extremely easy until you have two liberal candidates that you like equally, at this moment my Father’s voice and the line that “I love all my children equally.” comes to mind. It’s weird but I do feel somewhat protective over my candidates, like a mama bear over her baby cubs.


So in a situation where two of my cubs are the ones going against each other, it’s hard to decide what to do, and who’s side to choose when there can only be one. The two cubs I speak of are, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Once before it was Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton, which we all know which of them came out the victor.

Which is something that I cant help but consider in this; her second time around going for the white house, an idea I’ve whole heartedly been behind since the beginning but when someone who inspire changes, and provokes the usually silent voices of America it’s hard not to notice.


Bernie Sander is doing something beautiful by getting the usual quiet non-voting citizens of America so involved in this year’s presidential election. Voting has been on a decline in my generation but I see that changing when I hear friends who usually flinch in horror at the mention of politics, starting debates about why I need to vote for Bernie Sanders.


I’m truly in awe.


Long before Bernie was inspiring a small revolution, I was falling for him. He has been a long time advocate of Free College, and the deplorable practices involved in student loans. He’s been calling politicians out on their bull a long time, and his record is mostly consistent where it matters most.


But I’m also a long time supporter of Hillary Clinton. Since her days as First Lady, to Senator of my hometown New York, to Secretary of freaking State, I’ve been witness to her constant perseverance and incredible achievements. Which as a woman I find incredibly inspiring and grateful because she’s changing the game for women everywhere.


I can’t help but fall into the category of girl power enthusiast when bringing up Hillary Clinton, especially because she has been through it. Watching how she held her head high during the scandal that shall not be named was a huge snaps and “Yaasss Hillary!” moment for me.


So I find my self in between a rock and a hard place, so I’ve decided to stay neutral for now. When we’re closer to November I’ll get back in, but for now I’m sitting out. I can’t choose between my cubs. So instead of favoring one over the other during this recital of sorts, I’ll just sit in the audience and applaud for both. However when the first place trophy is given, I’ll be ready with the roses for the winner and tissues with chocolates for my other who lost because that’s what mom does.



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