Anti by Rihanna

So after coming out of a deep hibernation where I only had Rihanna‘s new album ANTIĀ to keep me company, I was moved to write this. I have to say that I’m probably better person for listening to new album; let me explain why.

As someone who needs a little reminder of how awesome it is to be alive, and to not stress over the constant nagging of conforming to society’s normal which tends to drive me close to homicide on a daily basis, Anti is for me the trusty friend always there to support you or tell you what’s what.

Anti is full of anthems of women empowerment, self love and advocates for the pure act of loving one’s self, knowing who you are, and saying fuck it to all.

At least thats what I got from it.

Anti is, anti mainstream in my opinion. It’s more of a beautiful masterpiece which composes mostly of beautiful melodic melodies with heavy messages. The only song that I would say is even close to what would be deemed mainstream would be Work, which features Drake.

Although in my opinion even that really isn’t mainstream, it holds more of an island feel, and reminds me of a many hot summer nights in my friends basement parties “dubbin” the night away.

I believe Anti is for anyone open to going beyond the music box of conformity and is ready to explore themselves, maybe even find their sprit animal.

Mine is a Wolf.


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