Can the real Deadpool please stand up?

I’ve been waiting for seven years to see Ryan Reynolds fulfill a promise he made to Marvel fan’s around the world after the blasphemous depiction of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie in 2009.

It was painful to watch to say the least , especially if you knew anything at all about the beloved wise cracking, fourth wall breaking anti-hero that is Deadpool.

But there was hope when fellow lover and nerd Ryan Reynolds promised a solo of Deadpool movie true to the character!and actor who was tasked at playing him, Ryan Reynolds saw what they were doing and said he would make it right, so I began to hope.

Hope kind of the same way, or actually it is the same way, or rather the same type of hope I had when fellow nerd Edward Norton saw The Hulk with Eric Bana and choose to right that wrong by doing a REAL Hulk movie, true to the character aka The Incredible Hulk! Which fans are still on their knees thanking him for!

So again here we are with a similar situation but instead of the Hulk, its Deadpool and instead of Edward Norton coming to the rescue this time, it’s Ryan Reynolds!

Hashtag, Blessed.

Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds, is everything you expect and more when thinking of our special anti hero! It’s a must see for anyone who like’s dirty jokes, cool fight sequences and Hugh Jackman’s face!


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