To SCOTUS or not to SCOTUS, that is question?

Supreme court judge Joseph Scalia has passed away due to normal causes in a ranch in texas, and with his passing there is now a vacant seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Now the constitution dictates that it is the duty of the President and The Senate to appoint a new judge to fill that vacancy but when the president is President Barack Obama, I guess the constitution doesn’t matter? Well according to a majority of the GOP, yes, kind of and not really.

The Republicans are currently losing their shit at the thought of President Obama, a Democrat(yuckie) appointing the next judge. They have gone to twitter and fox news to voice their concerns and patient outrage if needed at President Obama actually doing his job, how dare he!

Who cares if there’s a constitutional amendment dictating he appoint the next judge of the supreme court, they don’t like him and want no reminisce after he’s gone that he was ever in the white house!

However unfortunately for the Republicans President Obama is currently suffering from a condition known as “Gives no Fucks”. Most who suffer from Gofs tend to exhibit intense self confidence, ambition and finality in whatever they set their mind to; so scary!

Until there is a cure for GOFs I don’t see the republican party getting what they want, in fact I see President Obama definitely appointing a Judge to the Supreme Court and whats this? Yes, it also going through before his term ending, now he’s moonwalking away from the podium, how incredible.

Apparently I’ve become psychic in the last five minutes, or just could at reading people? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see which.

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