Why Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is soo important for Black Women

On April 21st, this past saturday, our lord and savior Beysus, I mean Beyoncé changed the game once again when she debuted her visual album on HBO. It was a world of emotions from the beginning to the end.

The emotion in the beginning for me was definitely a little confusion seeing how I had no idea what it was that I was about to witness. Beyoncé and her camp had done well not to give up the details of last saturday’s LEMONADE debut but had made sure to cryptically imply that it was something no one should miss.

About five minutes into the HBO special is when I started to realize that it was actually her new album accompanied by what so far I could only describe as visually stunning mini films, not music videos. Calling what she did a compilation of music videos would honestly be doing LEMONADE the visual album a disservice.

Song after song, we were taken into to a world of lyrics come to life. It was a revelation.

Something else that inspired me was the fact that LEMONADE was filled to the brim with beautiful strong black women and only them. As a black women, seeing this made me appreciate my melanin and my history so much more.

In a world where we only see black people in the media usually as the token friend, it was empowering to witness Beyoncé putting our black women on a pedestal for all the world to see. It made me so proud that I was a black woman and that I could truly share in the moment of self empowerment.

Another powerful moment came when she showcased the Mothers of the Movement holding pictures of their sons whom they lost to police violence and injustice. Watching the mother of Mike Brown shake her head as she clasped a picture of her son in his cap and gown; it was incredibly emotional.

I mean honestly I can’t expect anything less from Beyoncé after dropping her surprise racially charged Formation video right before the Super Bowl. She’s using her massive star power to tell the world, that her culture, her skin, and her history matter; that Black Lives Matter.

These days in the black community, life is both sour yet sweet. We have a black president, and no longer live in times of segregation but we do still live in a time where a black twelve year old boy like Tamir Rice can be shot to death in a playground.

So what do we with these Lemons of oppression and systematic racism that are constantly thrown at us, we take them and we make our Lemonade. A lemonade of perseverance, a lemonade of struggle, a lemonade of hope for better days that which Martin Luther King jr did not die in vain for.

Thank you Beyoncé for reminding the world that even when they put us down, we will ALWAYS get back up.

Lemons to Lemonade guys, lemons to lemonade.

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