F*&K Becky.

I get it, calling a white girl Becky is like a really mean thing to do but you know what it’s still not as bad as the n word; notice how I had to refer to it as the n word.

If I say the B word, does Becky come to mind instantaneously?


So whats the problem? You don’t like being singled out, well tough shit. Black people have been dealing with same thing for all of american history. Becky isn’t a real derogatory term until I have to censor myself using it, which will likely never happen.

Becky is a nick name for an adulterous caucasion female who is train wrecking ho who wants nothing more than to take a black woman’s black man; something that has been going on behind the scenes in black american culture for a long time. So it really shouldn’t be surprising that the enemy who may have different names but all the same face has been given a noun to properly portray itself.

However if you are not a treacherous thot that also happens to be of the white race then hearing the name Becky shouldn’t bother you. . .


I suggest you guys find something real to whine about like the fact that poverty is running rapid in our country or that crocs still exist.

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