Fidel, the complex likable Villain


I saw this on twitter the other day and I laughed than I kind of felt weirdly sad that Fidel Castro was dead; then I found myself mad at myself for being sad about Fidel Castro a dictator dying.

It was a complicated day with a constant battle of emotions over Fidel Castro.

I began to list out some examples of other men, who in my opinion contributed to society greatly but were still pretty awful people. So I began thinking about the first President of the United States; George Washington. One of the founding fathers of my country. He did so much for the democracy I currently participate in, he helped laid the ground work for America and I’m truly since I am keeping his works fruit today.

However, George Washington was also a slave owner and well that makes me feel some type of way.

This man was laying out the groundwork for freedom of this countries citizens but was at the same time taking away that opportunity from others soley based on the color of their skin; skin that looks like mine.

Castro was a ruthless man with a good heart. He had too much power and even though he did good sometimes, he did bad usually; which unfortunately for him and his fans outweighs the good.

However even though he was a horrible man, there are people in Cuba with education and healthcare but no freedom, kind of like America anytime before 1974. Like can we be real guys? America just started being a real progressive country in like the last eight years, my people got the right to vote when my dad was in college. Thats all still recent and a lot us remember, no matter how some wish we would forget.

Two words, Native Americans. Another two words, Andrew Jackson.

Oops I meant three; President Andrew Jackson.

The Native Americans have been done wrong and continue to be done wrong. Look at the DAPL mess, its LITERALLY their land and yet the government or rather big oil is taking it away from them; sometimes with industrial sized water hoses.

Side note, isn’t it sad yet unbelievably predictable that oil is at the center of all of this?

But I digress Cuba is not in the best shape even with all the liberal progress  because at the end of all of it there is still no freedom and why is choice in life without freedom?

Although it’s still stuck in an era that many have left because their freedom is limited in their country so it lacks ingenuity because in order to think you have to be free to do so, not instead the lather which is fear using your mind. It cripples the mind’s imagination and ability to hit its full attention.

At the end of the day I’m not cuban, so I don’t the effects really and can’t form a real opinion.

All I can say is Rest in peace Fidel Castro; if you deserve it.
– M.L.Wallace

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