Why Unequal Pay hurts Everyone.

It’s the year 2017 yet unequal pay for Women is still a thing. Shocking right? Especially when you realize that Women got the right to vote ninety-six years ago on August 18, 1920. Yet here we are almost a hundred years later still discussing why Women deserve equal pay for equal work.
Now maybe back in day when Facebook and the Internet in general didn’t exist, the argument of Women being a weaker sex or less intelligent than Men could fly. Only because finding liberated Women may have been more difficult before the twentieth century. However, in the year 2017 finding Women who are stronger and smart is increasingly easy especially with things like Google or you know eyes; eyes work too.
But before I digress further, equal pay for equal work is important because it’s not just unequal pay for Women but its unequal pay for the Men who happen to be in their lives as well. I could pull up studies which show that when women are able to contribute to their household efficiently, it in turn increases the economy because there’s more money in the house or how the extra income can help keep the household stable. Which in turn makes a better America because when Americans succeed, America succeeds , blah, blah blah.
However, I’m going to instead assume that you don’t lack common sense so you understand that with “Mo money” contrary to the notorious B.I.G.’s beliefs you’ll actually have fewer problems.
But just in case, here’s a link to a two year study done by PayScale, an online salary, benefits and compensation information company.
According to PayScale’s study more than 12 million families in America rely on the mother’s income to maintain stability in their household, that’s 12 million Americans families victim to unequal pay because the primary breadwinner lacks male counterparts.
Our country, the U.S. of A, is a capitalist one, which runs on money, and it’s unfair to rig the game on American families whose primary source of income is Mom.
The Mom who is working just as hard as that Dad in the office to make sure her sons go to school with full stomachs everyday. The Mom who is living in the same apartment complex and working the same job as that Dad yet struggling to keep up with her rent because she makes less money doing the same job as that Dad in her office.
The reason? She was born a woman.
Unequal pay for Women is unequal pay for everyone; it’s unequal pay for Americans.


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