Why Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is soo important for Black Women

On April 21st, this past saturday, our lord and savior Beysus, I mean Beyoncé changed the game once again when she debuted her visual album on HBO. It was a world of emotions from the beginning to the end. The emotion in the beginning for me was definitely a little confusion seeing how I had no…

The Path, hulu’s new hit show

Hulu’s The Path may help you figure out yours

Get A Job, the movie.

I happen to stumble upon this gem, when trying to find something to watch on my ex’s Amazon Prime account that I still use; judge me, for the struggle is real.

Pee where you Please NY,

By: M.L.Wallace On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order that will guarantee people access to public Ny bathroom facilities that they choose they align with base on their gender identity, without having to prove that gender by showing identification aka all may pee where they please!